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    About Pataskala

    Interesting Facts about Pataskala

    Many families love to live in Pataskala, Ohio! The reason so many residents find Pataskala a great place to live is because it is a bedroom community of Columbus, Ohio, the commute to work is not far, and you can own a lot of land with your house. Many folks love that Pataskala still has a small town feel in spite of being a decent-sized suburb of Columbus.
    Pataskala is located in Licking County, which is one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio.
    The exact coordinates of Pataskala are 39°59′52″N 82°41′51″W, which is 19 miles east of Columbus.

    Many people like Pataskala and Licking County because it still very much has a country feel to it.
    You can see lots of farms nearby.

    In fact, one of Pataskala's athletic parks is located right next to farmland. There is an active farm in Pataskala called Lynd Fruit Farm, which has school tours, a corn maze, and you can pick your own fruit.


    There are many nice parks in Pataskala. Municipal Park is where the community pool is located. The pool is actually leased out to Pataskala Recreation Association. Municipal Park has 15 acres that Pataskala residents can explore, including a wooded area with trails.


    If you are into golf, there are three separate golf courses in Pataskala, with many other courses within driving distance.

    Of course, Pataskala has a public library, which is a quaint little library and is part of the Columbus Metropolitan Library system - a system of interconnected libraries that link up Columbus proper with all the surrounding towns and cities.

    There is one college located in Pataskala, which is actually a branch of the main campus in Newark called Central Ohio Technical College.


    As far as school districts, Pataskala has two - Southwest Licking and Licking Heights.
    The school system is great and boasts a 97% high school graduation rate!

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    Pataskala Activities

    What Makes Pataskala So Popular?

    Great Activities, close proximity to Columbus Proper


    For those looking for churches, there are many to pick from: First United Presbyterian Church of Pataskala, Pataskala United Methodist Church, and Summit Station Freewill Baptist Church, Pataskala Grace Church, Pataskala Church of Christ, Christ Church of Pataskala, Pataskala Nazarene Church, Living Hope Church of Pataskala, and many more.


    Pataskala has many great schools as well. Here is a list of the Pataskala Public Schools: Etna Elementary School, Licking Heights Central, Licking Heights North, Licking Heights High School, Licking Heights South, Pataskala Elementary School, Southwest Licking Digital Academy, Watkins Memorial High School, and Watkins Middle School

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    Pataskala Downtown Life

    What is there to see in downtown Pataskala?

    If you've never been to downtown Pataskala, you are in for a treat.

    Pataskala was originally established as a railroad extension.

    There is a coffee shop located next to the railroad called Depot Street Coffeehouse.

    For more interesting facts about Pataskala, Click HERE for the city website.

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    Pataskala History

    How Did Pataskala Get Started?

    Did you know that Pataskala has only been a city since 1997?
    How did it become a city? What is Pataskala's history?

    The Delaware Indians were in the region initially, and they named the area "Pataskala" based on the Indian name for Licking River.
    Richard Conine, who is known as the Father of Pataskala, visited the area in 1805, and later bought 2,000 acres of land before settling permanently.
    So, Pataskala was originally named the Village of Conine. It wasn't until 1851 that the area became known as Pataskala.
    It wasn't until January of 1997 that Pataskala finally gained the official status of a city.