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    Why is it that more and more businesses and homeowners are turning to metal roofs?

    The idea of buying a roof that will last the rest of your lifetime, never having to replace the roof again has huge appeal to homeowners.


    If you are a business owner, a metal roof can make you stand out for branding purposes.
    "We're the business that has the blue metal roof on Columbus Street..."

    "Oh yeah, I know where you're talking about..."


    When having a new metal roof installed, it's important to know that
    Leddingham Roofing and Siding has over 20 years experience in the roofing industry.
    We know where to get the best roofing materials, and we know how to build the roof correctly.
    This isn't our first rodeo!

    Please, if you're going to make a large investment like a brand new roof,

    hire a contractor that can get the job done right.
    If a company gives you a quote that is far lower than everyone else's,

    that should be a red flag.

    We are not the type of roofing company that cuts cost.

    We have a quality first mindset.

    We want your roof to protect your valuables and your loved ones for a long time to come.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Give Leddingham Roofing and Siding a call today!

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    Metal Roof Options in Pataskala

    What options are available when it comes to metal roofs in Pataskala?
    Galvanized steel - steel covered in a layer of zinc



    Stainless steel



    Out of these options, Galvanized steel is the most common material used.
    Galvanized steel metal roofs are rust-resistant, acid-resistant, and protects against corrosion.
    Galvanized steel has an extra layer of coating to protect the metal underneath.


    Also, because metal roofs are lightweight, they can be installed quickly.​
    Ask us about a variety of colors that are available for your residential home or commercial business.

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    Metal Roof Installation and Repair

    If you have a metal roof that is showing signs of rust,
    there may be a problem with how it was installed, or they may have used a low-quality product.

    You will want to call us right away before the problem gets worse.

    We will need to have us apply a new layer of protection coating.
    We are licensed and certified to make repairs and adjustments to your roof.
    As technology has improved over the years, we have much better coating for your roof we can use. It protects from UV rays, leaking and rust.

    Give us a call at Leddingham Roofing and Siding!

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